Lake Associations

Often, we are asked to propose the removal of a depth of MUCK throughout an entire lake which can be a very costly endeavor.

Typically, in our experience and upon closer examination we find often that there are just certain areas within the lake that actually need to have the excess MUCK removed.

We have successfully removed excess MUCK from lake canals, coves, channels, and lake shorelines. We often work with pond and lake management companies to accomplish restoration projects.

*Upon request, Sediment Removal System can help create a lake restoration plan by:

  • Diving the lake and chart where the problematic areas exist with excess MUCK
  • Measure those areas and note the depth of MUCK that needs to be removed from it
  • Determine the possible discharge site(s) either open or contained
  • Create a preliminary proposal for the project in its entirety or in budget-friendly segments

*Sediment Removal System does charge a fee for site visits and lake dives.

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