A New Pond Service

Every pond is in a dying process the moment it is created. Leaves, weeds, algae, and other organic matter travel to the bottom of the body of water, taking the form of MUCK. This gradually fills the pond and is the direct cause of the many problems that owners have.

MUCK contains toxic gases and harbors nutrients that cause excessive weed and algae problems. Now there is a unique, efficient, and economical way of removing the MUCK and restoring new life to your body of water. Let’s compare the old solution with the new solution and you decide which is the better approach.

The Old Solution - Mechanical Dredging

Mechanical dredging is most effective when the pond has been completely drained and the bottom MUCK has had time to dry. This means all aquatic life must either be relocated or killed off. If the pond is dredged wet, as soon as the dredger hits the MUCK, it explodes into the water column releasing all the toxic gases and nutrients. This kills off most of the existing aquatic life and leaves the body of water a black, mucky mess. Once the dredging is finished, the MUCK then settles back to the bottom of the pond, and much of the dredging benefits are lost.

Heavy equipment can cause extensive damage to the landscape and is hindered by houses, power lines, telephone poles, and trees. The cost in many cases is prohibitive and most mechanical dredgers will not even consider smaller ponds.

The New Solution
Sediment Removal Solutions

High-volume suction pumps are used to descend to the bottom of the pond. Divers move into the MUCK, vacuuming it up, just as you would vacuum a pool. This not only removes the MUCK, but also the toxic gases and nutrients. The bottom is restored to its original depth. The process is extremely efficient. It can also remove loose clay, rocks, and sand, freeing up covered springs, irrigation systems, culverts, and cisterns.

The Results Are Crystal Clear

  • The restoration of the natural bottom without disturbing existing aquatic life
  • Cleaner water and a healthier ecosystem without damage to the existing landscape
  • A dramatic reduction of weed and algae problems
  • An expanded living space for your fish at a cost dramatically less than mechanical dredging
  • A reduction in toxic gases and nutrients

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