Who We Are

Sediment Removal System/Muck Men is a diver-focused hydraulic dredging service specializing in the environmental restoration of bodies of water by the removal of organic MUCK. In 2009 while in the property maintenance service business, I would receive calls from associations and pond owners asking if this was a service that we could provide to remove this matter that they would refer to as “MUCK”.

After receiving a call from a distressed association board member about MUCK in their pond, I agreed to meet at the association pond and investigate what, if anything, I could do to help. What I found was a stinky, smelly matter in the pond bottom and better understood why they called it MUCK!

That day started a chain of events that led me to where Sediment Removal System/Muck Men is today. What I discovered is that MUCK is actually a naturally occurring substance called organic sediment that consists of dead or dying aquatic plants, fish, frogs, duck and goose feces, leaf, plant, and algae matter. It is found in every body of water both natural and man-made. MUCK or, organic sediment, is not exclusive to a particular area but occurs globally. After much research, I found this unique service for hydraulic removal of organic MUCK called Sediment Removal Solutions.

In 2010 we became a mobile service distributor of Sediment Removal Solutions and have restored ponds, canals, and channels in 23 different states.

Cost...An Important Difference

When properly compared, our method of hydraulic dredging costs much less than traditional mechanical dredging methods.

We Reduce Cost Through:

Elimination of Traditional Project Steps

  • No need to drain the water (this practice destroys the aquatic life)
  • No waiting for the MUCK to dry before removing it from the body of water
  • No repairs to the surrounding landscape due to heavy equipment use

Pulling Value out of MUCK

  • MUCK can be pumped up to 2,000 feet away for use as natural fertilizer
  • MUCK can be captured in a sediment containment tube for future use
  • MUCK containment tube can be creatively placed to form a raised berm

Elimination of Third-Party Expenses

  • Often permits are not required for our method of restoration
  • Mechanical dredging disturbs the hardpan soil which requires expensive permits

Working Within Your Budget Needs

  • Unlike traditional methods, we can complete projects in phases or segments which allows for amortized payments while still achieving the same quality restoration

Mobility – We Bring the Solution to You

  • Our Environmentally Friendly Restoration service is Mobile
  • We have restored bodies of water in 23 different states

Why Muck Men?

Sediment Removal System/Muck Men is an industry leader in the restoration of bodies of water throughout the United States. This unique approach to cleaning ponds saves time and money and is environmentally friendly.

Experience, Honesty & Integrity

Set Us Apart…


Sediment Removal System/Muck Men is a member of the Sediment Removal Solutions family that collectively has 50 plus years of experience of successfully providing our unique method of environmentally friendly MUCK removal service. What this means to you is that no matter what the obstacle we have the experience and a solution for your needs.


Honesty & Integrity

At Sediment Removal System/Muck Men, we believe there is only one way of doing business and that is from a position of honesty and integrity. In business, all you really have is your reputation, and maintaining a good reputation means that we consistently do what we say we will do. We believe in communicating with our clients beginning at the service inquiry process to the project completion as well as afterward if needed.

We’ve been called in many times to complete failed projects started by other less experienced companies. However, if our system is not capable of achieving the goals of the customer, then we will say so.

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Where We Work

Sediment Removal System/Muck Men is a mobile operation that can work in many areas of the US.

To date, we have restored ponds and lakes in the following locations:


New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina

Don’t see your State on the list? We may still be able to come to your location.

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