About Airmax

The history of Airmax® is rooted in manufacturing high-quality aeration units and water treatments for ponds and lakes. Airmax® high quality, whisper quiet aeration systems are World renowned for their versatility, durability, and quality. Airmax® manufactures aeration systems for ponds and lakes from 100 gallons to multi-million-gallon ecosystems around the World.

A recent acquisition of a well-known water treatment manufacturer has broadened the Airmax® horizons and enabled them to be a full line manufacturer of water treatment products. Airmax® product capabilities range from water garden and lake treatments, to large municipal and industrial wastewater treatment applications, and even beyond…

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Why Aerate?

Aeration is all about gasses. Aeration mixes the pond so that toxic gasses are efficiently released and life-giving oxygen readily replaces it. An aerated pond will be clearer, cleaner, healthier, and have less bottom muck than a pond without aeration.

The science behind it:

A pond without aeration will become stratified into two very separate layers in the summer heat. This is because of the physical properties of water. As the sun warms the surface water, it becomes less dense and thereby lighter than the cool water below it. The line at which these two layers separate (similar to oil floating on water) is called the thermocline.

No Oxygen = No Life
The vast majority of water-cleaning organisms (aerobic bacteria & phytoplankton) in a pond use oxygen to drive their metabolic processes. Oxygen enters the water column almost exclusively through the surface of a non-aerated pond. Because the surface water does not mix with the water below, oxygen in the bottom layer quickly becomes depleted under stratified conditions, allowing toxic gasses to build up. Because no oxygen is available below, the pond’s overall health will begin to suffer.

The Airmax® System
Our Airmax® Aeration Systems utilize a shore-mounted air pump that delivers air to specialized diffuser plates that are located on the pond bottom. The resulting column of rising bubbles circulates water throughout the pond, eliminating the thermocline. With a fresh supply of oxygen, natural bacteria and phytoplankton go to work in the water column as well as on the bottom. Any excess nutrients in the system are metabolized, resulting in cleaner, clearer water, and less muck.

Let Us Help
As an authorized Airmax® Distributor/Installer we can facilitate the design and installation of a system just for you! Simply fill out our questionnaire and we’ll send you a quote that includes a custom design Airmax® Aeration System with an aerial map, diffuser locations, and complete system specifications.

Airmax Products

Airmax® offers a wide range of Aeration and Treatment Products. Each of their product lines is designed to provide maximum effectiveness in its intended application. From small ponds to lakes, Airmax® can almost always provide a solution.

Coupled with our restoration services, your pond or lake is sure to be pristine for many years to come!

Here are just a few of the products offered:

  • Pond & Lake Aeration Systems
  • Pond & Lake Fountains
  • Natural Treatments
  • Pond Dye

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