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No Mechanical Dredging – No Damage to Landscape

We Remove Sediment/MUCK From:

Ponds/Lakes, Retention Ponds, Channels/Canals,  Harbors/Marinas, Private Ponds, Golf Course Ponds, Fountains, Municipal Ponds, Large Aquariums, Fishing Ponds, Association Ponds, Storm Water/Retention Ponds, Fire Retention Ponds,  Lakefronts, Wet Wells, Zoological Ponds

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When properly compared, our method of hydraulic dredging costs much less than traditional mechanical dredging methods. Why?

* There is no need to drain the pond or body of water which destroys the aquatic life.
* There is no waiting for the organic sediment to dry enough to be loaded and hauled away.
* There are no repairs to the surrounding landscape due to the use of heavy equipment.

Our Environmentally Friendly Restoration service is Mobile. A wonderful benefit of our method is that we can bring it right to where you are. We have restored bodies of water in 23 different states and Canada.